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“Bubba 2003”    Bubba at 18 months old when we happily gave him a home.  Already lame & orthopedically compromised, but sooooooooooo much Love, May, 2003.

“Bubba’s post #1 surgery 2005” Bubba following #1 forelimb amputation where we were attempting to save a “stump” for a possible prosthesis, 4/23/05.

“Bubba & Mom 2005” Learning how to walk with the “external fixator” used to help repair the fracture (was the 2nd attempt) & before the decision was made to amputate the limb, Spring 2005.

“Bubba & Kona” This is the “Bubba Crawl” & his Mama Kona Bear who passed over 11/28/07. Bubba was excellent at adapting & making use of what he had. He taught me this lesson, Late Spring, 2007.

“Bubba in the snow Jan 2008” Bubba loved the snow, he could easily mobilize himself & constructed “tunnels” to crawl through, the forever Master at compensation, creativity & adaptation, January 2008.

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