Kona Bear

In Loving Memory of



October, 2000 to November 28, 2007

Kona, we have been so blessed to have you here at Sugarland Ranch with your son, Bubba Bear.   So suddenly we lost you and you are so missed, that all too familiar hole in our hearts, our gorgeous Mastino Napoletano, your black fur glistening in the morning sunshine, your many many soft wrinkles that I nuzzled my face into.   You always allowed me to nuzzle that massive body of yours, it felt so comforting.   I miss your smell and softness and the love in your eyes.   You kept company with your son, Bubba, and have been such a great Mama dog to him when he needed you most;  How much he’ll miss having that heavy paw of yours come down on his nose correcting him.  I was never sure exactly what you were telling him, but somehow he understood the language.  The bond between the two of you was so special.  We remember your large Mastino body, how funny we thought you looked when you walked to the “forest” with your jowls moving side to side as only a Mastino can do.  Another adventure and journey has begun and perhaps you’ll meet up with your English cousin, Honey Bear, and with our other beloved Mastiffs who continue to watch over Sugarland.  The Mastini motto is to “sleep and protect” and you carried out your duties so very well.  I miss you so much; we don’t believe at times that we’ll ever recover from the very painful hole in our hearts.  Death is part of the Circle of Life and one of these days, we’ll look into another Mastino’s soulful eyes and see you in their loving eyes.   God speed our precious Mastino, we love you.

Your loving Mom and Dad and of course your son, Bubba Bear,

and the other Mastiffs at Sugarland Ranch


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