Mastiff Rescue Operations


Bubba Bear
Bubba Bear 2001-2008

Mastiff Rescue Operations was established in 1998 and was expanded once Sugarland Ranch was incorporated in 2001 as a non-profit community based agency. We have re-homed an estimated 200+ dogs.  We have assisted with re-homing dogs other than the Mastiff breed by coordinating with shelters and other agencies.Visit our successful adoptions to see many of the animals we have helped.

Sugarland Ranch’s Mission is dedicated to furthering the human animal bond. Sugarland Ranch partners with other non-profits dedicated to Mastiff rescue, particularly those organizations who have targeted commercial breeding operations that are linked to the notorius “puppy mills” as part of their Mission, strategic plan and objectives. Dogs suffer awful atrocities and cruelty including being auctioned off at live auctions that remain legal in many Midwest States like Missouri and of course the most infamous are the Amish commercial breeding/puppy mill operations in Lancaster County, PA.  These dogs are provided needed veterinary care, rehabilitation & then re-homed throughout the USA, including Nevada and California. Interestingly, Nevada was one of the States investigated by the US Humane Society re: to “Petland”.  Petland (the largest distribution pet store conglomerate in the USA & throughout other countries, also had pet stores in Las Vegas.  There are currently Mastiffs in foster homes throughout the USA who deparately need veterinary care, & rehabilitation. Sugarland Ranch actively supports our Mission by raising necessary funds, helping to coordinate veterinary care particularly re: any Mastiffs on the west coast. 100% of all donations to Sugarland Ranch are applied directly to the dogs. No donated funds are utilized for administration & we do not receive any government funding to do the things we do. We appreciate all the support, past and present, that have been given us & please know how much we appreciate your trust when boarding your beloved dogs with us. Any profits from the dog boarding program are directed to the above efforts.   Thank you!


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