MaMa Teeger Cat

In Loving Memory of

MaMa Teeger Cat

MaMa Teeger Cat

May 14, 1991 to December 2, 2009

For many many years you have been with us, an era ending with your passing.  You were with us in Sonoma County, California, relocated to Nevada with us, lived among the giants, our Mastiffs, with your daughter, “Barney Cat” and finally graced us with you feline presence at the kennel keeping company with the other felines who have come to stay with us.  You spent 10 years perched on Mack’s shoulder at night time, you were such a sweet sweet little girl and loved to be combed, groomed and loved.  Your passing over was peaceful and we are content that we managed to spare you from more pain and suffering, you let us know it was time.  We always say that when one passes over to the other side, that we believe you can carry messages to those who passed before you and for a brief time connect us to them.  Tell everyone we miss them and love them, you will always be a part of us.  God speed.

Your loving Mom and Dad and of course,
the Sugarland Ranch Mastiffs


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