Honey Bear

In Loving Memory of


Honey Bear

November 4, 1999 to August 12, 2007

Honey Bear we love you so much, you left us so unexpectedly, we thought we would have so much more time together walking Sugarland Ranch, the Ranch you loved so much and protected along with our other beloved Mastiffs past and present.  You have joined Sugar Bear and Greta as well as all the other Mastiffs who have graced our presence and continue to protect & love us from afar.  When we see the almighty sky and Universe with its twinkling stars we just know you are smiling at us and when we want peace and tranquility, we simply look at the sky and the rock formation that overlooks the Ranch where we can feel your presence just as we feel the night winds upon our faces. We can see you and feel you along with our Spirit Guide and the other Mastiffs who we love so very much.  The last words said to you before you left the house to do your daily AM routine was that I loved you so very much, I’m so glad we had this brief moment in time that we’ll remember forever.  Your unexpected time with us on earth reminds us how fragile life is and what is important in life and that we give the time that needs to be given when it needs to be given because you never know when that time is ended.  Our hearts our heavy and empty however we must remember you were a gift to us, loaned to us for a short time.  Until the end you protected your Ranch.  We always wish when these tragedies occur that we should have done things differently, the guilt is almost unbearable, what we wish we would have done, we wish we had gone with you those last 15 minutes and perhaps prevented your untimely passing. We promised you when you were little that we would always protect you from harm. Thoughts are powerful things and we will try very hard in your memory to know the good in all earthly living things and know that nature is powerful and trust that there is meaning in everything. Good night our love and God speed in your journey.  I’ll look to the rocks this evening and perhaps feel the wind upon our faces.

Your Loving Mom and Dad
and the Sugarland Ranch Pack


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