In Loving Memory of



January 15, 1999 to March 3, 2009

“Gunnie”, you big, gorgeous brindle Mastiff, how regal and beautiful.  You graced Sugarland Ranch with you presence in 2001, coming from Las Vegas, from what was evidently a horrific situation, you needed a home and we were told that you were “aggressive” and the clinic where you were, they were planning to euthanize you.  We found a Volunteer to drive you to Tonopah where your Dad picked you up.  From day one, you were so very sweet and loving, and what a character!  You were with us when we had the historic fire and had to evacuate our home.  The firefighters came down to fight the fire in parachutes and we invited them to share some drink and to rest.  They were absolutely taken with how large and beautiful you were.  You tried to climb in their laps!  We had many people come to look at you and offered to give you a home.  However, there was one gentleman in particular that you seemed to take a liking to and he to you.  So off you went and found a home where you stayed until the early part of 2009.  He adored you, loved you like no other.   You became very,  very ill and your Dad at that time, was ill prepared to provide the care you needed so back you came, you came home to Sugarland and spent your final months with Miss Precious, an elder Old English Mastiff who joined us from the Shelter.  Miss Precious has special needs and required assistance to walk but that didn’t bother you and even in your old age, you sure took a liking to her and her to you.  You formed such a friendship and stayed together, very closely, she misses you so very much as we all do.  What we didn’t know is that you had a large mass pushing against your kidneys causing much pain and that’s why you were losing your appetite.  Our friends at Baring Blvd. Veterinary Hospital diagnosed the problem and we made the decision to help you pass to the other side to spare you more pain and suffering.  You let us know it was time and that you would miss us all but you needed us to help you which we did.  If there ever was an ambassador for Old English Mastiffs, you would be the one, of course you would need to share this with Miss Precious and Miss Molly Bear who we lost a year ago.  We love you and miss you.

Your Loving Mom and Dad
and the Sugarland Ranch Pack


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