Molly Bear

In Loving Memory of


Molly Bear

May 29, 1998 to January 8, 2008

Molly, we miss you so much. For eight years, everyday we have lived here at Sugarland Ranch, you were there when we awakened and were there to say goodnight. You were always, and will remain our “English Ambassador”, you were such a wonderful “Big Sis” to Honey Bear and we know he was waiting for you on the other side. We felt your presence for just a little while, until you were sure that we would be okay and then faded as you joined your Brother. You were the last of an era, the last of the Pack to have been with us in beautiful Sonoma County. You were part of our dreams of Sugarland Ranch, through the development of Honey Bear’s Country Kennels, although you preferred to stay at home overseeing operations from on top of the hill. You were gracious and accepting of all the animals we provided care and assisted with their transition to their new homes, always so pleasant, accepting and helpful. You helped with human training classes, humans who were experiencing surgery for the first time, allowing them to work with you in preparation for their own beloved companions coming home from surgery, you did this gladly, always helping others. Of all of our Mastiffs, you were a Daddy’s girl, providing such comfort and love, such a loving companion. Your eyes were soulful, your tail wag happy even when you were so paralyzed and immobile. We know you are back to your old self romping in the beautiful fields and warm sands by your Brother’s side. Much Love, we will always be with you and you with us.

Your Loving Mom and Dad
and the Sugarland Ranch Pack


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