In Loving Memory of


May I, as your Friend, support your journey and your choices; may I give you courage, strength, peace, and love.  May the sacred Light of your true nature cleanse, purify, heal, and sustain you from this moment on and forever more.  Beloved Friend, I, with you, resist nothing, move in peace, blessing the Bridge that connects us to the spirit world.  Spirit we are, unified always, souls bonded through our Love; now we are free.


May 16, 2000 – April 8, 2011

We send our love, we miss you all so very much.  Please meet Eli at the Bridge, we know you all will be there, our beautiful blue Neo, Cupcake; our Lily Bear; Snowflake; Baby Bear and of course Shamu.  Shamu, your Mom hasn’t visited with the Mastiffs since you left because there was no one yet on this side who has accepted your role as Medium threading the silver cloth to guide the others across the Bridge connecting this world and the other side for such precious yet brief moments.

Please help Eli to run and play again, he’ll remember how.    Honey Bear, Molly Bear, Bubba Bear, Kona Bear, Charlie, Amos, Sassy Bear, Katie Bear, Buster, we know you are watching over Sugarland from Greta’s Garden and guiding us everyday as we continue to help others like our Eli, now he joins you to take over his role watching over the others who remain with us in this world and guiding us to care for them.

Eli,  be at peace during your journey to the other side, we will always remember you and the lessons you taught us, we are blessed having you with us even though such a brief time, your presence enriched our lives, our love goes with you,

Shalom our friend

Mack, Mariah, Robyn and all  your friends especially Anna and Precious who kept company with you in your final days


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