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Sugarland Ranch is a dog boarding program open to the public 


Sugarland Ranch was established in 2001 by Mack and Robyn. In September, 2004, Honey Bear’s Country Kennels, a dog boarding program, named after one of their beloved Old English Mastiffs, was opened to the public. Honey Bear’s Country Kennels remains the primary dog boarding program of Sugarland Ranch that helps to support Sugarland’s non-profit Mission.

Mack has a background in juvenile probation. Robyn is a licensed physical therapist in Nevada, California and Arizona. She became one of the first physical therapists to become recognized by the State of Nevada Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners as an Animal Physical Therapist.

Bella Bellona Needs Your Help

Bella Bellona Needs Your Help

Meet BELLONA, whom we call “Bella Bellona”, meaning “Beautiful Goddess of War” since Bellona is a courageous Mastiff, surviving on the streets after being dumped & having medical issues that require immediate attention. Mastino Rescue inc. became aware of Bellona in a high kill shelter & promptly contacted the Shelter & Sugarland Ranch. The Shelter worked collaboratively with Mastino Rescue and Sugarland Ranch to get her out asap as her time was limited.

It was her fantastic & loving temperament that saved her life and even though she has miles to go resolving health care challenges, she is quite a love and a giant lap dog!

Bella Bellona needs your help, please donate as we proceed with what we at Sugarland Ranch do, and that’s identifying, coordinating & obtaining expert veterinary care as well as providing a loving environment along with great food! This fantastic purebred, female, black Neapolitan Mastiff will ultimately make some lucky human a fantastic, loyal, devoted and loving companion. Please be a apart of her miraculous recovery and DONATE!


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