Sassy Bear

In Loving Memory of



June 15, 2002 to December 14, 2009

Our beautiful brindle baby, how we miss you, the house, although filled with Mastiffs, remains empty without you.  We had such a brief time with you but within these couple of years, you became such a part of us and of course your sisters miss you terribly, especially Baby Bear, who after the loss of her brother, Honey Bear, was a lost soul.  I called you both my two “brindle babies”.  We will never forget how we met you, you were found roaming the Virginia Foothills in July of 2007, it was very hot.  Washoe County Regional Animal Services contacted us letting us know that no one tried to claim you.  We always wonder about where our Mastiffs come from, what your life was like, why were you found roaming the Foothills, these mysteries never seem to be solved in rescue, but we continue to wonder.  We always wish that you could tell us in our language, perhaps you try but we simply do not have the capacity to understand your language.  What we do know is that you loved us and we loved you and we spent 2 ½ wonderful years together, the best years only wishing that we had more time but it wasn’t meant to be.  We gave you your name “Sassy” because you were such a rascal, running away all the time, trying to attack the horses, seemingly aggressive with the other dogs, but slowly you came around with our help, you loved your Ranch and your Mastiff pack and even were at least tolerant of the horses.  When we have adoptions to process with Mastiffs that perhaps may have some challenges, we always use you as our example of the wonderful things that can happen when adopting a rescued pet, it takes time and lots of love, but eventually you and others come around.  This is the wondrous beauty of rescue so you were our beacon of hope for these situations.  You were such a sweet, sweet girl, sleeping with us side by side until the “Italians” (your Neo cousins) came to visit and never left.   You were even tolerant of the Neos where you had to share your house making room for others.  Sassy, my Love, how empty it feels without you by our side, you were such a part of us.  As you were passing, we ask that you carry our messages to the other side which I know you have letting our other lost Mastiffs how much we miss and love them.  You are now at peace and on the other side of us, someday we will all be together again, and we will always be with you and you with us.  Goodnight my Love.

Your Loving Mom and Dad
and the Sugarland Ranch Pack



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