Thank you to all of our Clients and Donors who have supported us over the years & have driven many miles allowing us to care for their Canine Companions while they are away.  So many have ask if there is somewhere they can comment on the care their Canine Friends received so we created this section. The following is a note received from Adrian and Carolyn Cameron, Grass Valley California:

“To Mac and Robyn,

I am writing to you on behalf of Carolyn and me to thank you for almost 10 years of taking such extraordinarily wonderful care of our two beloved little Jack Russells, Molly and Bailey.

On the recommendation of a good acquaintance of ours when we were living in Reno, we first entrusted the care of our two ‘children’ for 10 1/2 months while we were overseas.  When we returned, we were thrilled to find our ‘girls’ in even better condition than when we left them.  For this reason, we have continued over the years to bring them to you.

Even though we now live in California, we still have such high regard for the extraordinarily great care that you have given our pets, that we still are quite happy to drive the  2 1/2 hours each way to return them to your care.

The only complaint we have is that after we bring them home, we have trouble getting them to eat what we serve them.  Do you think it might be because, in addition to what we would serve them at home, while they are in your care, they also get home-cooked chicken sprinkled on the top of their daily food?

Of course, they love it, and so do we that they get such marvelous and loving care!

Thanks again for all you do not only our dogs but also for all the other dogs in your care, and for the compassionate concern for all the dogs you rescue and find homes for with carefully selected new ‘parents’.

All the best, and thank you again,

115_5025Adrian and Carolyn Cameron

Grass Valley, California”

Letter received from Jim & Judy Haar and their canine companions: Monty, Finley & Watson

August 14, 2014

I have been coming to Honey Bear’s Country Kennel, a program of Sugarland Ranch, since we moved to Reno approximately nine years ago. My experience with Mack and Robyn positively surpasses any other Kennel I have used in the past. They are caring, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, my dogs, my husband and I love them. We have two English Cockers. They weight about 32 pounds each with a wonderful temperament. Mack and Robyn spoil them with plenty of exercise, love, a healthy food regimen, and an immaculate living space. The biggest testament to the facility is from our dogs, they consider both Mack and Robyn part of their family. I never have to worry about them when we are gone. Mack keeps us up-to-date on all progress and Robyn’s work with the local Veterinarians makes for a quick response on rare emergencies. I cannot give enough praise to Mack and Robyn. I would never consider another kennel and neither would my dogs.

Sincerely and Truthfully,

Judy Haar

A Happy Client

IMG_0001finleyMonty and Wats in snow

Letter received from Sharon Snell

My name is Sharon Snell and I own 2 big noisy coonhounds, “Jack” and “Jill”! They are part Walker and part Bluetick, each weighing over 100 pounds and I love them to pieces. But I also love to travel, sometimes for weeks at a time. It isn’t easy to find a place where I can trust leaving these 2 sibling 11 year olds, at least not until I found Sugarland Ranch(Honey Bear’s Kennels) through a referral from my Vet. Robyn and Mack are amazing! My dogs aren’t easy. Between allergies, chronic ear problems, diet, or the unforeseen, Robyn and Mack have been there to resolve the situation whatever it may be. They are truly caring, compassionate, animal lovers with a wealth of experience behind them. The kennels are clean and well kept. The dogs get plenty of exercise in a very safe environment, and they love the food. The individual attention my dogs receive is priceless. I wouldn’t dream of leaving them anywhere but Sugarland Ranch! You can always HEAR them coming! Robyn would say, “The Hounds are here!”

P1030883Jack Jack Hound


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